Dating in a cyber world

Blog2 - Dating in a cyber world

There are many ways to date on the internet these days, you can use Skype to both IM and FaceTime, you can use an actual app on your smartphone called facetime.  Or you can build an avatar and meet up in a 3D Virtual world that you even get to build.

Once such application, where you play online but must download an interface is called Second Life.

When you first enter the world, you get to choose an avatar which closely resembles something from a dungeon and dragon’s world.  But as you continue to play you can go to the store and buy a real person figure, skin, clothes and you get to build a house, meet friends, go on fantasy quests with them and do even more “intimate” things with them too if you so desire.

The game has great graphics and you can get really lost in all the worlds, getting to know the controls, etc. does basically take a manual and tutorial but the game is fun.  It is like an upgraded version of the old time favorite the SIMMS.

The great thing about Second Life is that you do not have to be a fully paid member to get some great items to customize your avatar with or play with.

The downloading of the main interface is quick and does not take up too much space on your PC but to get the best out of the game you do require quite a high spec. graphics card and a good amount of memory.  There are also various add-on browsers you can get to make the game easier to use.img1 - Dating in a cyber world


These games can be addictive so always limit your time in them, but they are also a great place to meet other people without the stigma of a dating site.  It is a more relaxed atmosphere and a gaming type environment by which to get to know your partner where your avatar takes on your persona.

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