How to create the best dating connections

Blog10 - How to create the best dating connections

Tips on how to create best dating connection

Dating has a whole range of emotions attached to from the fun and exciting to the nervous and scary.

One of the worst things we do though is to get stuck in our own heads and caught up in our insecurities.

There is a way of not letting that happened and that is the Tantric way of dating!  The Tantra way is a lot more than just about having great sex. It’s about deeply connecting with both yourself and another person and it is not just for new connections it is for making old ones seem like new all over again and helping to keep it feeling that way.

Tantra helps you live in the moment with the person in front of you, even if you are not the perfect match or attracted to that person, it gives you a deeper understanding of self and other people around you.

date - How to create the best dating connections

So, let’s breathe Your Way to More Fun

If you stopped and thought about your breathing right now you would find it to beshallow, and only reaching to your chest.

Try taking three deep breaths into your belly. When people have panic attacks the first thing everyone shouts is breath, take a deep breath in and when the panicked person does they start to calm down.  You don’t have to be panicking to try this.  Try this even if you just want a boost.  When your breath you’re your belly it is like your insides are having a big stretch and you know how good you feel after a stretch.

Next date you go just before your date arrives do some breathing exercise and record how you feel afterwards

date2 - How to create the best dating connections

Eye contact is important

Most of you are going – “You want me to look at you? Yes, after all the eyes are the windows to your soul and from which people can tell a lot about you.

When you kiss someone to make it filled with everything you have.

Kissing is sometimes even more intimate that the act of sex is.  Kissing is that enjoyable meshing of lips together, expresses, passion, forgiveness, sadness, courage and sorrow!  It is a very powerful too so use it to your advantage.

Take things slow no need to rush if they are the right one for you they are going to stick around.


Body language is the key to successful dating it can speak volumes to the other person so be aware of it!

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