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Maybe dating is not quite dead after all

London has a new social princess in town only it is not an application but a social meeting club!

My friend Charlie

A social events business that is set on changing the way people meet and have coined a tagline “Meet the new, old-fashioned way through My Friend Charlie”

I am sure we can all agree, that it is an effective catchphrase as it is most certain catchy and give you a warm feeling in your belly.

My friend Charlie organizes and hosts social events which encourage people to mingle and meet the old-fashioned way.  One of their marketing campaigns states “Are you tired of swiping left or right!”

YES, YES! we are Charlie – but the thing is- do people still know how to socialize and get to know someone without a profile to read or their hand smartphone strapped to their palms with an app that also helps them ask the right questions, eat with the correct fork!charlie - My friend Charlie

Well, there have been a few good write-ups about the London based start-up so far and the events that are hosted range from chocolate and wine tasting to bicycle rides in the rain.  They are designed as fun group outings that take the social pressure off meeting someone so even if you do not meet the one you are bound to have a great time.

You go to the events with a friend or on your own there is no stigma attached and you are soon swallowed up in a group.  Much like the British love of tour bus vacations!

My Friend Charlie has its base at a London Club, Workspace, in Southward.  It is a free membership site which caters to people between the ages of thirty to their mid-forties.  The director and founder of the social club Charlotte Spokes who started the business at the beginning of 2017.  In an interview Charlotte revealed she had been thinking of doing something like for a while as she did not want to tell her grandkids one day that she had met their granddad over a glass of red wine all alone in her apartment as she swiped left and right through Tinder.

Her website is no app but a means whereby she lists her upcoming events and a place for people to sign up for the events with the usual profile style sign up.


So, is My Friend Charlie the start of things to come, maybe a few more will follow her lead and bring back the more traditional form of dating and meeting?

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