Ways to give your texting a boost

Blog11 - Ways to give your texting a boost

Texting is a huge part of your life these days

People text more than they phone these days.  In fact, most of our phone conversations are done by text and very seldom a voice chat.

A few ways to make that text count

The time you send the text

The time between and the time you send texts can have an impact on the implication of the text

text1 - Ways to give your texting a boost

For instance:

                The 5am text implies you are an early bird

                From 9am to 11am means you are the first thing I think about upon waking up

                From 12pm to 2pm is the I think of you throughout the day text

                Texts from 2pm to 5pm is the just a regular texting time with little to no implications

                The 8pm to 10pm text is considered to of a romantic nature

                Then there 11pm to early hours of the morning text this one implies a booty call

The days can also have a meaning like a late Friday night or an early Monday morning.

The frequency by which you send texts also melds in with the timeline of your texts.

text21 - Ways to give your texting a boost

For instance:

                If you text everyday – you have established a rapport or chasing that person with all you might

Every second day or every few days text means you are really interested and wants to keep things at a good steady pace to see what happens

Texting every week is the check-in text and want to keep in touch text

The every now and then text is a faint interest and wants to maintain contact.

Text Length and use of various pictures icons, Gifs, etc.

The length of the text should be equated to how well you know that personif you are quite intimate the text can be a little bit lengthier that if you had just met the person.

                For every sentence in text language should be a paragraph invoice or an email

Emojis, Images, crosses and o’s and x’s can be a good way to get your point or mood across to the other person.  Photos are another good way to make the interaction seem closer.

                Tone try to limit the amount of text jargon you use because most people do not like text lingo.


Media is a very powerful tool in this day age an can be used to make life a lot easier and lonelier for some.

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