How safe is online dating?

BLog8 - How safe is online dating?

In this tech savvy age on online dating just how safe it is?

Simply put it is as safe as you can make it!

You do not need to be tech savvy to protect yourself online

If you were dating in the real world you would take some measure to protect yourself be it pepper-spray or a bullhorn type device that fits in your purse.  Do not be naïve, use your smarts and protect yourself.  Take the proper precautions like using a nickname instead of your real name, do not give out your phone number and if you are going to use a form of IM download an app like KIK which your login in using user id instead of phone numbers.  Use Skype but if you already have an ID make a new one never use your original one and do the same for an email address.

Protect your privacy

Do not disclose anything personal about yourself such as email, address or phone numbers in your profile.  If you are meeting someone do not get picked up at your house meet somewhere.  And always tell someone you know what you are doing.

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Are you sure the person you are talking to is who they say they are?

The dating app Badoo takes pride in its safer online dating and offersmany ways for you to verify your profile, apps like Zoosk do the same.  The will also ask for more than one way to verify this and it will be displayed on the persons profile if they have been verified! This stop what is called catfishing and gives you a greater peace of mind.

Also some mature dating sites are very safe to, you can do your own research it’s very easy today with so much information online.

How do you stop someone from being a pest on the site?

Some people just won’t take no for an answer you can block them and report them on most sites but once again apps like Badoo will block the person for you after two unanswered messages.


Online dating is generally as safe as you make it.  If you take precautions and are vigilant you can enjoy our online dating experience.  If you are being harassed report the person to the website support and if you are not comfortable with the site delete your id.  Never give anyone your credit or debit card numbers or money no matter what story they tell you.  Be wary of people who do not have much written on their profiles and are cagey with information or details.

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