Some advice on the new era of adult dating!

Blog6 - Some advice on the new era of adult dating!

There are online dating apps that enable a person to enter different forms of relationships with the other members. This has now moved on from the days when the dating application was for more long-term relationships.

The committed or the more casual relationship?

A committed relationship these daysis more like that fuzzy feeling you get when you are wrapped in your favorite comfy blanket. Then there are theno strings attached relationship which comes with its own attractions.The hookup apps allow for a more casual approach to dating and are a lot more open to casual sexual encounters.

So before taking your steps into this new adult adventure which may sound exciting consider the following:

  1. The no strings attached (NSA) approach

The non-commitment part is a big part of this style of dating – emotions have no part in it so don’t bring your rosy fantasies of a happily ever after future together. Be prepared and mentally ready for a fast fling.

  1. It is a One-Night Stand!

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This is much like the old dating where you would go out meet someone who you clicked with sexually and had a great night together with, then one of you would grab up your pile of rumpled clothes heaped somewhere and sneak out the door!  You must be careful here though and feel the person out some people do get attached and are not up front about it.  So, if they start with the ILY or romantic poetry – maybe its time to hit the road before you go any further!

  1. Be Casual

Enjoy the moment, this is what you signed up for to satiate yours and your hookups desires.  Have fun and keep it casual!!!  Remember if that L word comes to light it is a red flag in this situation.

  1. Think of this relationship as that swinging door and keep it moving

As you are both not committed to each other it should be an easy relationship to exit.  It is purely attraction and  means to a pleasurable end to scratch and itch!

  1. Keep in mind you are not exclusive

Hookup-dating appis not exclusive dating which brings up another point – practice safe sex.

  1. Decide whether to keep it secret or public?

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Decide the rules up front and as most exclusive relationships these days are more relaxed one of you may already be in one.  So, discuss that before one of you let slip something the other would rather not have made public.

  1. Possessive partners are a big red flag

Remember it is a fling, fun a one-night stand, should a partner suddenly become possessive or aggressive in anyway end the relationship immediately and block all forms of contact with that person.


Adult dating is not for everyone if you decide to try it keep an open mind and always keep your guard up.

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