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Defining Digital Dating Abuse

The abuse in the form of emotional and or verbal abuse, among teens, such as unwanted, multiple calls or text messages. Pressured into sending pictures that are nude or private by nature and this includes videos of such.  The use of social media networking like Facebook to harass and bully, stalk or intimidate in anyway a girlfriend and or boyfriend.

Signs of digital abuse can include:

A person tries to isolate and control who you may or may not be friend with on your social apps and goes as far as to monitor them.

They send you insulting, threatening or in any way negative or demeaning emails, text messages or various social media messages.

They use social media as a form of monitoring you

Sends you lewd, unwanted pictures and demands you return the favour, this is the same for videos.

Pressures you for your passwords or hacks your password or steals it in anyway

Sends a barrage or texts and leave constant voice messages to the point where you keep your phone switched off or are thinking of secretly changing your number.

The person will go through your phone logs and check all calls, messages, etc.

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It is important to respect boundaries in a relationship.

You have the right to your privacy and to turn off your phone whenever you want.

It is your body and you do not have to send anyone anything you are not comfortable with and your partner should respect that.

Your passwords are your security and you are under no obligation to share them.

Get help

There are help hotlines for victims of any abuse.  If you or someone you know are the victims of abuse, there are many places that can help you.  One such place I know of is the Woman’s Freedom Center.

How to help someone who is the victim of abuse

The first step is to give them the benefit of the doubt

Find out what is going on

Find out how you can help them

Offer them your support and understanding

Don’t gossip about I, after all, it is not your problem to tell anyone else

Do not pressure them let them make their own decisions on the situation just let them know you are there for them.

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Abuse be it or online is a serious situation and can have a very damaging effect on a person.  The abuser needs to be reported, although there a fine line on how the law can deal with these situations there are institutions that can lend a hand and offer their support, help and guidance.

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