Secrets of the hookup world

Blog5 - Secrets of the hookup world

The hookup secret is out!

A statistic shows that more than eighty percent of adults are involved in one type of hookup site or another.  A lot of that eighty percent are in fact adults already involved in some form of a serious relationship.

Here are some secrets everyone should be aware of about the hookup culture:

text - Secrets of the hookup world

1. Texting

Texting has replaced voice calls, they are more convenient and cheaper besides a hookup is not a romantic mushy date it is exactly as it implies a hookup!

2. Be Honest about your intentions

This is an adult dating site – be an adult and upfront with your intentions! You are not here to form any emotional attachments or a romantic dinner.

kiss - Secrets of the hookup world

3. Always practice Safe Sex

This culture is mostly about sex, needless to say, practice safe sex and what they term as NSA – no strings attached so no unwanted pregnancies, STD and such!

4. Remember there are no rooms for feelings

If you are going into a hookup leave your emotions at the door or you are going to get hurt.  Go into the hookup as it was intended a bit of fun and excitement to be enjoyed by both parties.

5. Manners always make the man

Yes, it may be a hookup, but you are BOTH consenting adults do not let the one makes the other feel cheap or nasty as you were in on the hookup and on the same app!

couple - Secrets of the hookup world


Every member on adult dating sites are basically there for casual sex or one-night stand, but remember this is the twenty-first century and there is absolutely no shame or stigma on who you are or how you choose to flaunt your sexuality.  So, do have a bit of conversation with your hookup first and ensure they are on the same page as you, be respectful, no that even though you are both going in there with your eye wide open no still means no and be mindful of each other’s boundaries.

Always ensure have an exit strategy and let someone know where you are, there are apps you can download on your smartphone that allow people to track your phone such as Zenly ensure yourself and at least one of your friends have the application and that you are both linked.  Even if your phone is off it can usually pinpoint your last location.

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