The world of dating and how it has changed

Blog3 - The world of dating and how it has changed

Getting back into the dating pool is no longer just a case of getting back out there

Getting back out there currently means basically taking a course on about life all over again. Your relationship ends for various reasons and when you are finally ready to take the plunge and get “back in the market” you are run aground!

Is Dating the old style of dating dead?

Most young men and women from all around the world basically would tell you that while it has not quite died a complete death people just do not tend to do a lot of it – or at least not a lot of the conventional style dating that is!

An example of this is if someone these days asked you to “go out with them” they are basically asking you to be their girlfriend or boyfriend – well with the generation under about forty that is. They skip right over the “dating and getting to know you” part of the relationship part.

teen - The world of dating and how it has changed

The teens apparently call this “instacouple”!

The younger generation in Colorado reports that traditional dating is “pretty much dead,” especially with the different partner styles dating such as bisexual, dominant and gay groups. It also makes tensions within dating a shaky landmine to walk through.

These days exclusivity is implied from the first date which makes looking around a bit awkward!

So now getting to know someone is reading their profile on one of the many social media applications, which lists their hobbies, social standing, followers, eye-color, height, weight, what they are looking for in a person – oh and you get to tell someone up front in your profile what you are like.

So, with all this information at your fingertips the young feel they already know the person so there is no need for the dating part.  They read a profile, swiped right, the other person swiped right, and they matched!

There are pros and cons to looking at dating in this simplistic manner, it cuts out all the expense of the date, the awkward moments of having to get to ask a person about themselves (already listed like a menu on their profile) and most of them keep it so much online that it will probably start to cut down on STD’s in the long run.

teen2 - The world of dating and how it has changed


The positive side is that dating over the internet gives that awkward youth a better chance at being able to approach a girl her normal would not.  It levels out the playing field so to speak and with your details listed on a profile you get to see more of the person than just their outward appearance.

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