The raunchier side of the online dating world

Blog4 - The raunchier side of the online dating world

Hook-up vs Dating Apps

Now that you have dipped your toe in the new era of dating I am sure you have run into the little “oops” that made you come to realize there is a difference between a dating app and a hook-up app.

Yes, and so the great lesson of the new dating era gets even a bit more complex!

While dating applications can be used for hook-ups and various other sorts of dating applications there are applications that basically streamline the dating process even more for just quick hook-ups, kind of like a quit one-night stand or a partner to just go to the movies with (only not that tame usually).

On a dating application you do still hit right, hit left or more yes, I like that person, not I don’t like that person.  You get a chance to talk on an email usually, get to know the person a bit.  Chat over one of the many, many social IM chats.

With a hook, up app and let’s not be fooled here applications such as Tinder and Bumble are hook-up apps.

You have a brief profile, set your location wherever you are to find someone near to you and then get swiping left or right.  If you both swipe right, you are a match and after a quick IM you get to have a hookup be it a real-life one or a cyber one.

ol1 - The raunchier side of the online dating world

The cyber-ones are usually done in the form of some roleplay either over IM, voice or cam depending on the personal preferences.

One such app is Whiplr

It is easy to navigate, it has events and meetups with various themes depending on what you are “into”

It is for both Android and IOS, so it works with most smartphones

The downfall of this app is that there is no pc version to it and it is not available in a lot of places.

But for those into a bit more of the “taboo” hookup Whiplr is the “hook-up” application for you.

There are other raunchy ones without the taboo element such as adult match, Pure, Badoo, Field and Hook Up Dating.

ol2 - The raunchier side of the online dating world


Online dating or hook-ups give you a further reach for you dating pool, but do not be lulled into a false sense of security and let your guard down.  Even though you are meeting and interacting with electronic devices you may still be at risk and vulnerable to the various predators out there.  Always keep your information safe and never give out too much information.

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