guide - ReviewsOur top three Internet dating sites:


One of the best-known dating sites on the internet with a massive userbase worldwide.
It has a very scientific way of matching you by getting you to answer a whole lot of online questions when setting up your profiles.  It is also a great website for the newbies to internet dating as it puts the full control of who you want to meet in the user’s hands.  You can tailor your searches basically right down to eye color.  It also, as stated earlier, has one of the largest user bases so you have a that much more of a better chance of finding who you are looking for.

There are free, limited memberships and monthly, six monthly and yearly full memberships at a reasonable price which unlocks a whole lot more features.


POF (that is what the site is referred to as) gives the user a long relationship test upon logging in to ensure you are matched with like minded people.  Here it is best to be as honest as possible as it works in your favor.  Once again you have the free limited memberships and the paid for premium memberships in various package offers.  It is another widely used site with an impressive database of users.


This is a more pinpointed site, where you can target your potential partner by location and includes major cities all around the world.  This site is well suited for the busy executive or socialites as it also hosts fun events making a relaxed environment in which to meet people.